RB February 2013

alt=The February 2013 Issue of Rural Builder looks at current trends in self-storage.

This issue also looks at the Top 10 Products of 2012 for rural builders.

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Top 10 Products of 2012 for rural builders

Let’s face it, in many ways, 2012 was a year to forget. No need to go back over the fiscal cliff to talk about all the gloom and doomsday predictions. Let’s focus on a few of your favorite things from 2012 that can make life in 2013 a little better. As...

Money Talk: Understanding the new medicare taxes

– By Mark Battersby – Many builders, contractors face two new taxes Largely unnoticed, ignored or overshadowed by the talk about the “Fiscal Cliff,” higher tax rates, tax reform and the economy, many builders and contractors woke up on January 1, 2013, to face two new taxes. Thanks to the Health...