Rural Builder Gold Key of Excellence Winners for 2012

By Sharon Thatcher, Rural Builder  — Perhaps 30 years is just a blip on the timeline of world history, but a lot has certainly happened in the last 30 years. I get a kick out of checking the proverbial time capsule. Looking back, I discovered that in 1983, at the same time Rural Builder was launching its Gold Key Award of Excellence, Microsoft Word was being released for the first time, as was Lotus 1-2-3; President Ronald Reagan signed a bill creating Martin Luther King Day; he also announced that the Global Positioning System (GPS) would be available for public use; and McDonald’s introduced the McNugget.

Gold Key of ExcellenceWhat makes the Gold Key Award of Excellence so special is that the candidates are selected by Rural Builder readers. Who better to know what companies deserve the award than the actual users of its products and services? Our special congratulations to Graber Post whose supporters came out in force to lead the voting.

Noting that this year marked a special milestone, we took a more indepth look at the 30-year list. In doing so, we counted 245 separate companies that have received the award. Some made it on the list, then disappeared into oblivion.

But four companies stayed on the list throughout the entire history: Cannonball:HNP (starting separately as two companies: Cannonball and HNP); Klauer Manufacturing, McElroy Metal and Plyco.

A number of other companies have been on the list nearly as long at 29 years: Maze Nails and Metal Sales Manufacturing.

Others ranking 20 or more include American Building Components (28), Sukup Manufacturing (28), Wheeling Corrugating (28), Wick Buildings (28), A.J. Manufacturing (26), Dynamic Fasteners (24) and Rigidply Rafters (21).

That just goes to show you how good these guys really are. They’ve weathered a lot of economic challenges in three decades – just look at the last four years – but given their history, they know what it takes to survive, and we fully expect to see them still going strong 30 years hence.

Gold Key Companies for 2012:
ABC Supply
A.J. Manufacturing
Akzo Nobel Coatings
American Building Components
Becker Specialty Corporation
Bradbury Company
Central States Manufacturing
Classic Equine
Cleary Building Corp.
DECRA Roofing System, Inc.
Dynamic Fasteners
Energy Panel Structures (EPS)
Everlast Roofing
Fasteners Direct
Graber Post Buildings
GRK Fasteners
H&H Metal Products
Holmes Lumber
Ideal Building Fasteners
Keim Lumber
Klauer Manufacturing Co.
Leland Industries
Lester Buildings
Levi’s Nails & Screws
Mac Metal
Marco Industries
Maze Nails
McElroy Metal
Metal Sales Manufacturing
Mill Steel
MWI Components
Northwestern Ohio Foam (NOFP)
North Star Metals Mfg.
Palram Americas
Perka Buildings
Plyco Corporation
Post Protector
Richland Laminated
Rigidply Rafters
Sealtite Building Fasteners
SFS intec
Simpson Strong-Tie
Sno Gem
Steel Dynamics
Sukup Manufacturing
Triangle Fastener
Varco Pruden Buildings (VP)
Western Products of Indiana
Wheeling Corrugating
Wick Buildings

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