RB July 2013

alt=The July 2013 Issue of Rural Builder introduces you to the 2013 Gold Key Award suppliers.

This issue also shares insights into how to develop a culture of safety in your company.

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Rural Builder July 2013

Rural Builder Gold Key of Excellence Award winners for 2013

Have you ever wondered ‘what is the key to success’? You probably have, and for builders the answer falls a lot on the people they work with and the companies they depend on. For the past 31 years, Rural Builder has asked builders in the rural construction community for their nominations...

A culture of safety: Motivating employees to work safely

– By Mark Ward Sr.- If you’ve managed a construction company for any length of time, you’ve heard plenty about jobsite safety. So you likely recognize the need for a site-specific safety program that assigns responsibilities, sets documentation procedures, provides employee training, ensures compliance, establishes channels to communicate about safety issues,...