RB May 2013

Rural Builder - May 2013 CoverThe May 2013 Issue of Rural Builder looks at the possibilities of post frame.

This issue also offers hangar door tips for builders.

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The history and evolution of building fasteners

– By Tom Hulsey, Sealtite – Fasteners and fastening systems have evolved steadily over time.  History has led us from the use of nails as the fastener of choice to today’s self-drilling screws as the most versatile means of securing one piece of material to another in the steel building and...

Hangar door tips for builders
: Some pointers for proper installation of 
plane hangar doors

– By Sharon Thatcher, Rural Builder magazine – Ag and aviation doors are not created equally Builders who think that one-size-fits-all for both markets would be making a mistake. David Coolman, owner of Cool-Air/FoldTite Systems, offers pointers on how to properly install his hangar door products. “The generally-available structural components used for...