Rural Builder Green Winter 2010

The second issue of Rural Builder Green is now available — right on your desktop!

For the latest and hottest in green building products in techniques, check out Rural Builder Green, a digital magazine featuring energy efficiency and sustainbility.  In this issue:

Greenbuild wrap-up: Almost 30,000 attendees travel to Phoenix for the 2009 conference

• Green Remodel: Arlena of "Gardenwise with Arlena" remodel’s her home from top to bottom

Farmers love green: The components of one man’s energy-efficient barn shop

Metal vs. Concrete: Metal roofing proves its efficiency

• New Construction: Insulated roof and wall panels work for homeowner

Utility goes solar: Crystalline panels save energy for Wisconsin phone company

Rain Harvest: Where water is in short supply, collecting rainwater becomes popular

Check out the latest issue of Rural Builder Green!

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