Solution for icy roads and salt shortages

Irving Materials, Inc., (imi) offers an answer for the salt shortages and a solution for keeping roads clear and safe during the winter months – with imix Winter Abrasive. 

“We created this product to be a cost-effective solution for clearing the roadways during wintry weather and as an alternative to salt,” states John Curtis, president of Irving Materials, Inc.  “With the current salt shortages and temperatures falling today and more snow predicted for later in the week, we want the communities to know that we have a solution.”

imix Winter Abrasive is proprietary blend of environmental friendly materials that keeps water from freezing on the roadways, even at temperatures well below zero.  The product is available for delivery today from imi, a leader in ready-mix products for the construction industry.

“In the current economy, we understand that budgets are tight and that people need to be able to get to work and do it safely.  We have a product that is more economical, works at lower temperatures, and keeps our roadways safe,” Curtis adds.     

imix Winter Abrasive works to prevent freezing at temperatures well below freezing, melts ice on n contact and improves tire traction for vehicles 

IMI is a privately held, employee-owned corporation with company headquarters in Greenfield, Indiana. For information call 615-884-4935 or visit


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