Samco Machinery introduces new deck and panel roll forming line

Samco1This high-efficiency roll forming line, new from Samco Machinery, can produce roof and floor metal decks. The line includes uncoiler, roll former, embossing unit and flying cut-off press. A drop stacker can be added for material handling.

Rafted mills allow the changeover of roll tooling to be quicker, making the changing between products much faster. This design also reduces the production down time of the line by reducing the set-ups required.

The Deck Flying Press is designed to work in a continuous operation which increases the final line throughput. The slugless characteristic of this press eliminates the scrap created during operation.


Samco2Closed Loop Cut-Off length Control allows the roll former to achieve up to +/- 0.0625” (1.6mm). The roll former is robustly designed to have a minimum shafts deflection improving the quality of the end product.

A short video of this machine is available on YouTube at:

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