Schweiss Doors now offers a Build Your Own Door Kit

Schweiss Doors has designed a simple way for customers to build their own hydraulic doorframe without sacrificing Schweiss quality and unique design features.


Schweiss Doors now offers a build-it-yourself hydraulic door kit that comes with all the necessary quality Schweiss door components and detailed instructions from start to finish.


“We realized the great demand for the popular Schweiss hydraulic door design and figured out a way for customers who are willing to weld their own steel doorframes together to purchase our major hydraulic door components that are properly sized from Schweiss Doors,” noted the company’s product press release.

A new, unique hinge was an important element.

“The challenge when figuring out the Build Your Own Door Kit, was to be able to develop a hinge that comes preassembled, pre-welded and is robust in design,” said the company. “By going back to the drawing board the design team had its work cut out — the end results were very rewarding. In the design process we figured out a uni-body hinge design that wraps around the steel doorframe members, making it the strongest, most reliable hinge design in the door industry. It now includes the first of its kind hydraulic hinge on the market with grease zerks where hinges can be greased from inside the building.”

NP-Schweiss-BYOD2According to Schweiss, competing doors either have no grease zerks or the user must remove the outside rubber gasket at the top of the door to get to the grease zerks. Because it can be costly, timely and hard to reach, many hinges are left un-lubricated.

The Hydraulic Door Kit consists of a complete set of new design heavy-duty end and center hinges with grease zerks, a factory wired Red Power hydraulic unit and all the seals necessary to provide a weathertight door.

Schweiss software provides all the necessary door specs, weights and forces and detailed information needed for designing buildings in preparation of the hydraulic door.

In addition to easy installment, Schweiss said BYOD Kits are easy to ship worldwide.

The company has received good response so far for the BYOD Kits. “Benefits of building your own hydraulic one-piece door is not only rewarding but it can save you thousands of dollars. We have customers that start out with one door and soon after they are ordering their second and third doors.”

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