Snap-Z Ridge Vent introduced by Glick Metals at METALCON

“There has to be a better way” is often the rallying cry for inventions. For the Glick brothers – Chris, Omar and Manny – it was the tedious work of installing ridge vents on standing seam roofs. It was Manny who came up with a solution for making it simpler: the Snap-Z Ridge Vent that requires fewer tools and measurements. It is now patent pending and has launched the brothers into a whole new line of business.

Snap-Z from Glick Metals

Snap-Z from Glick Metals

Shown off at METALCON 2015, the Snap-Z is a vented “Z” closure designed for standing seam metal roof applications, allowing installers to vent the peak of a standing-seam metal roof in such a way that air is allowed to flow and yet water and snow infiltration are restricted.

The design is unique in the marketplace to work with 1-inch, open-hem, metal ridge caps. Pre-cut lengths come in boxes of 50. Each Snap-Z fits between the ribs of standing seam roof panels. A simple, unique two-step process makes installation fast and efficient:

Step 1: Using screws, install one Snap-Z on each side of the ridge of the roof.

Step 2: take the ridge cap and slide it onto the Snap-Z. Then fasten ridge cap to the Snap-Z with just 3 stainless steel rivets per side.

Snap-Z comes standard with a matte black finish, but is available in 15 additional colors to coordinate with a variety of roof color offerings. It is covered by a 20-year limited warranty.


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