Solar monitor provides detailed data

Dips in performance and questions of efficiency are a thing of the past for solar system owners with MYPVDATA® by Energy Recommerce.   MYPVDATA® is a comprehensive solar monitoring and management system that provides solar owners with the detailed information they need to squeeze the maximum amount of energy out of their photovoltaics.

Within 15 minutes of a decrease in power production due to anything from bird poop to accumulated dirt, the system owner will be notified through MYPVDATA®’s alarming system.  MYPVDATA® statistics are accessible from anywhere in the world through a pc or a web-enabled phone, giving the solar owner the ability to move quickly to eliminate obstructions and minimize loss of production.

With string-level accuracy, MYPVDATA® puts highly-specific solar management statistics—performance monitoring, peak demand tracking, weather data, and demand observations—within easy reach through a web-based real-time interface. The data output from MYPVDATA® can be used by solar owners to apply for rebates, participate in REC trading, and hold installers accountable for warranties. The graphical representation of a system’s power production is an especially popular feature with residential and commercial building owners alike.

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