Tennessee takes the LEED

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn — All eyes will be on Tennessee as Chattanooga completes the first stand-alone LEED theater building.  The ‘volunteer state” will become a role model for the rest of the country’s theater builders to follow.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is a rating system developed by the US Green Building Council for constructing an environmentally friendly building. 

The Carmike Cinemas Theater in downtown Chattanooga, under construction now and scheduled to open in November will be the first of its kind.

Among the many design features, the theater roof will be made of white material that will reflect the sun’s heat.  Builders plan to recycle between 50-75% of the construction debris.  And, a tower will collect rainwater which will be used in flushing toilets to save water!

Stacy Wipfler, a partner at Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP and a member of “Chattanooga Takes the LEED,” has been informing area leaders about how the green concept can save cash and develop new business opportunities for Tennessee.

When speaking about environmentally friendly building practices, Wipfler focuses on how energy-efficient and sustainable design can minimize environmental effects as well as drive economic development.

Sustainable design simply means creating a building that does not compromise the environment, such as the Carmike Cinemas Theater.

Sustainable design is guiding regions across the country and growing their workforces.  Tennessee recognizes how sustainable building methods promote environmental quality and economic vitality and is putting those methods to work for us right now!

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