The Best of METALCON International 2011

Best of Metalcon 2011This year’s METALCON International event is in the history books, but Metal Roofing Magazine and Rural Builder magazine have again teamed up for “The Best of METALCON 2011”. We take you onto the showroom floor to introduce you in video to some of the exhibitors and their products.

This year’s “The Best of METALCON 2011” offers an introduction to the show from Show Manager & Conference Director Claire Kilcoyne, with a look around the exposition. 

Bringing you closer to some of the great projects at the show are Englert, MacSteel Service Centers, New Tech Machinery, rFoil/Covertech, S-5!, Samco Machinery, SnoBar, SnoBlox-Snojax, SnoGem, Steelscape and Swenson Shear.

And if you see something you like (and we’re sure you will!), there is a simple digital form you can submit to receive more information about those products.


Meet the companies in this year’s The Best of METALCON 2011 digital magazine:

EnglertEnglert Inc.

Metal Roofing and Gutter Solutions That Stand the Test of Time

Englert, Inc. is one of the preeminent forces in commercial and residential metal roofing, gutters and related environmental building products including solar electric and solar thermal rooftop technologies and rainwater harvesting systems. Englert offers a wide selection of federal EnergyStar and LEED-compliant Ultra-Cool metal roof coatings produced on the newest and most sophisticated coating line in the world. The 45-year-old company features a full line of metal roofi ng and gutter rollforming machines as well as a unique line of specialty gutter products including LeafGuard, RainPro and MicroGuard. Englert also offers a total package of value added support including certified technicians providing on-site service and maintenance, machine training, marketing support, product testing, the best warranties in the industry and engineering expertise and support.

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Macsteel Service Center

Helping the Metal Roofing Industry Grow

Macsteel Service Center is a full line service center supplying the continental USA, Hawaii, Mexico and parts of Canada. The Building and Construction Division supplies painted and unpainted coils to the manufacturing and roll forming industry. Inventories are stocked throughout the country to better serve our customers. Painted items vary from simple Polyester to PDVF finishes with a wide range of gauges and widths. Special orders are also common. As a full line service center what we do best is help our customers with cash flow and inventory control.

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New Tech Machinery logoNew Tech Macinery

The World’s Finest Portable Rollforming Equipment

New Tech’s TPM Taper Panel Machine produces straight or tapered panels with Double-Male, Double-Female or Standard Male-Female panels. It is able to produce down to approximately a 4-inch panel width and able to use a maximum coil width of 33 inches. It easily produces fast and accurate tapered or straight panels. Expect maximum performance at a minimum cost when used with NTM’s SSQ, SSH, or SSR Roofing Machines and Tapered Slitting Machine.

An economical, easy-to-use solution for slitting up to 20 gauge coil/sheets is the NTM Tapered Slitting Machine. Compact and portable, it works great in tandem with our TPM Tapered Panel Machine! Enjoy maximum performance when used with NTM’s SSQ, SSH or SSR roofing machines and the NTM TPM Tapered the jobsite. Convenient, accurate and fast tapered cuts.

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rFoil / Covertech

Great Coverage-GUARANTEED! New 10-year warranty against UV degradation

rFoil – Ultra – White is a new reflective insulation material for metal buildings manufactured by Covertech that comes with a 10 year warranty against UV (ultra violet) light degradation. If the rFoil – Ultra – White, white facing breaks down due to exposure to indirect UV light, Covertech will provide new rFoil – Ultra – White insulation product to replace the defective material. Plus it will provide up to $ 0.75 per square foot to assist in any cost for the replacement of the defective product. Covertech is the first manufacturer to offer a 10-year warranty that involves labor assistance in the cost for the replacement of the defective product. Other benefi ts of the rFoil – Ultra – White insulation is that it controls heat gain or loss, and prevents interior condensation in all types of metal, metal-clad and post frame buildings. rFoil – Ultra – White has a Class 1/Class A fi re rating (ASTM E84-09, ASTM E2599-09) and successfully meets the requirements of the NFPA-286.

– Visit the rFoil/Covertech website:;
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S-5! Defines Metal Roof Attachment Innovation

After 35 years as a roofing contractor and consultant, Rob Haddock founded S-5! because he felt frustrated by products that were difficult to install or that performed poorly over time. Haddock launched S-5! so he could produce innovative metal roofing attachment solutions that exhibit strength and longevity previously unknown in the industry. Since then, S-5! has become the leader in standing seam mounting solutions, having products installed on over one million rooftops globally. From solar panels and snow retention systems, to fall protection and HVAC, S-5!, patented attachment technology will mount almost any ancillary item without harming the standing seam panel, voiding the roof’s warranties, or disrupting thermal movement. More impressively, some S-5! clamp load-to-failure results are in the tons, making them the strongest options available on the market. Metal roofers agree that S-5! clamps are easier to install, more affordable, and more efficient than any other product in the industry.

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Samco Machinery Ltd.

Innovative Systems for the Construction Industry

Greenfield Stud and Track line produces 97 percent of all commonly used sizes in the metal framing industry. With a line speed of more than 330 feet a minute and a length accuracy of plus or minus .039 inches, it is sure to meet your needs. For more information visit

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The ultimate in snow retention

Snobar offers several different snow guard systems for metal roofs, for both standing seam and exposed fastener roofs. Systems available in mill finish, painted to match roofing panels or to allow for the use of a 2-inch color strip in the face of the bar to match the roof. Snobar also offers RoofClamps, used to attach just about anything to a standing seam roof without penetrating it.

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An award-winning innovator in snow retention

SnoBlox-Snojax invented and patented the first polycarbonate snow guard in 1976 and is an award winning leader in snow retention products for the metal roofing industry. While the core business specializes in polycarbonate and stainless steel snow guards we are also the exclusive distributor for the SnoBar, the very fi rst bar style snow retention system and the world’s first, universal fit, RoofClamp. An industry standard was set 5 years ago when our company offered the first free interactive layout/project estimator at We are committed to providing excellent customer service with a lifetime warranty at no extra cost to the consumer.

Our latest innovations are the easy to install RoofClamp for attaching roof accessories, the SnowBreaker, designed to break up dangerous snow and ice slides and the fi rst commercial LeafBlox gutter guard. Everything is Made in the U.S.A. with the only standard lifetime warranty in the industry.

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Steelscape, Inc.

Steelscape logo

Innovations in Prepainted Metal

Steelscape is proud to announce the recent development of a wide array of innovations in pre-painted metal. Whether a commercial application, or a residential one, Steelscape’s unique and dynamic advances in coating technology provide decorative options to architects and building owners that provide character, depth, and richness to assist in meeting overall design objectives. The new products featured here are Steelscape® Prints, and Vintage®, but other innovations including Dazzle® for interior applications, and Metallic Coating Line Tints, and ReziBond® are also available. The Steelscape Prints system allows for the production of prepainted metal to look like nearly any natural or man-made material. In the Prints product line, rust, copper, patina copper, granite, bark, wood, weathered metals, and asphalt shingle options are currently available with more “looks” in development. Vintage is a pre-aged metallic faceted substrate that provides the richness of aged metal without the wait.

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Swenson Shear

Swenson Shear logo

The Ultimate Metal Roofing Tool

Swenson has been manufacturing metal shears for more than 50 years. Starting with pivot shears for 3-foot exposed-fastener panels in 1959, Swenson has since developed the one-of-a-kind Snap Table system for efficient shearing of concealed-fastener panels. Notch snap lock or standing seam ribs at any offset, shear across the pan at any angle and finish it off with a nice eave or valley hem. Save time and increase overall cut quality. Each sheared panel comes out the same… perfect, every time!

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  1. Dave

    Metalcon always has some exciting equipment to show.

    I found this year had fewer roll former machine manufacturers than in pervious years.

    Is this a trend in the economy or have buyers started to look off-shore?

    Thanks for the post!