The Drafting Directory celebrates one-year anniversary

Chicago, IL-based National Construction Drafters Association LLC celebrates the 1-year anniversary of its Drafting Directory website on March 7, 2013. The Drafting Directory is an online database available to hiring HR professionals and construction companies seeking drafting & design individuals and businesses.

Drafting DirectoryThe Drafting Directory consists of a growing community of students, freelancers, businesses and licensed professionals that span all industries of construction and levels of experience. Members share a common pledge to provide the highest quality of service, to be an advocate of their client’s best interest, and to uphold all commitments as a drafting and design practitioner in construction. Getting listed is open to any individual or business that is available for hire.

“By paying a small annual fee and agreeing to the association’s standard of excellence pledge, members set themselves apart from the competition while also maintaining the integrity of the community.” says NCDA representative, Andrea K. “The Drafting Directory was established to provide exposure to a multi-billion dollar drafting and design community that has always been an integral part of the construction process, but at times challenging to access. What if you need a set of shop drawings or a quick detail, for example? Where did you go other than conducting a vast internet search? The Drafting Directory solves that problem by allowing site visitors to search for member listings by construction division, trade-specific keyword or key phrase, and much more. Our goal is continue to brand The Drafting Directory as the go-to place to find drafting and design services and talent in the construction industry.”

The National Construction Drafters Association provides quick access to drafting & design individuals and businesses in construction through up-to-date member listings found in The Drafting Directory.  Members are at all stages of career development and all are welcome. For more information please visit

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