Time lapse video: Minnesota McDonald’s constructed in 3 minutes

– New McDonald’s Restaurant Construction Captured With Time Lapse Cameras From brinnoUSA –

Two time lapse cameras from brinnoUSA were recently used by professional photographer, Josh Banks, to film the construction of Courtesy Corporation’s newest McDonald’s restaurant located in Rochester, Minnesota. During the four month period of construction, Banks used the Brinno BCC 100 and the TLC 200 Pro to capture the footage which was condensed it into a three minute time lapse video on YouTube and BanksPhotos.com/blog.


Brinno TLC200 Pro HDR Time Lapse Video Camera

The edited end result was a slick and engaging marketing piece for the builder (Alvin E. Benike, Inc.) and the franchisee (Courtesy Corporation).

“Having the Brinno cameras available was a bonus because a compelling time lapse video could easily be made for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.” said Banks. “People watch time lapse videos just to watch and see what unfolds. Few can turn away from a beautiful sunrise happening over 30 seconds or months or years of construction in a matter of minutes. Plus time lapse videos can be great for social media and even at trade shows where they can serve as an ice breaker with visitors often asking the first question.”

According to Brinno, what sets this extensive video apart from traditionally edited time lapse videos was the minimal expense to secure Brinno BCC100 camera to the top of the job site trailer and interior shots were captured with a second Brinno TLC 200 Pro.

The company says its unique line of cameras allows a user to record a long period of time and automatically convert the still images into a time lapse movie with ease and minimal cost. The unprecedented battery life allows the cameras to operate for months on a single set of four AA batteries making them well suited for construction projects of any size.

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