Tool box favorites

The October issue of Rural Builder magazine will take a look at some of the   tools real builders like you use on the job.

What are the things that make you — yes, YOU — the town/country builder, most productive each day? What tools and pieces of equipment, large or small, do you need most? And why?

You know  exactly what we’re talking about. If it’s not on the truck, you’ll go back to get it. If it’s lost or stolen, you replace it right away.

It might not be just any brand — "close enough" probably doesn’t cut it. Is there a certain name, model, size, weight, speed that fits you like a glove and nothing else will do?

E-mail the editor with your thoughts on what you need to get the job done and WHY. Or click on the CONTACT US link at the upper right corner of this page and connect that way.  Tell us in as few or a many words as you wish — and if it’s OK to contact you and talk about it further, let us know that, too, please.

We’d really like to hear from you by September 1.  Please, take a couple of minutes and share your thoughts on your most important tools of the trade.

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