Spring tool crop is good one

Spring always brings in a new crop of power tools and this year is no exception. Here are three new offerings from Paslode and the newest Sawzall from Milwaukee.

Paslode has been a pioneer in cordless nailers for more than two decades and recently introduced the CF-325 Cordless Framing Nailer with some significant improvements over earlier models. According to Jacek Romanski, “The new CF-325 takes everything that was great about our previous model and incorporates some key improvements to address the wealth of feedback we have gathered from our end users.”

One improvement is the redesigned nosepiece that is much more aggressive than its predecessor. The new nosepiece allows for sure-footed toe nailing at almost any angle. Another improvement is the ability to drive fasteners at a higher rate than its predecessor and competitors.

Another improvement that users of older models of cordless nailers will appreciate is the QuickLode Fuel System. It’s a breakthrough in that the user simply drops the fuel cylinder into the tool, closes the fuel compartment door and begins nailing. Older units required pre-use snapping, twisting and aligning — often an annoying task — before closing the fuel compartment door.

Fueled by economy

Paslode has also developed a new fuel that is guaranteed to drive at least 1,200 fasteners and has an 18-month shelf life. In addition, because of the new fuel design and an internal upgrade to steel O-rings, this unit can go five times longer (approximately 50,000 fasteners, depending on site conditions) between recommended cleanings. A redesigned air filter access door makes cleaning the filter, piston and other internal parts easier than ever.

Along with the debut of its new fuel design, Paslode is introducing an exclusive Fuel + Nail Combo Pack system. Combo packs contain Paslode?s exclusive RounDrive 30° paper tape full head nails in 1,000 and 3,000 nail packs with one and three fuel cartridges respectively. Nail lengths run from 2 to 3.25 inches and from .113”, .120” and .131” in diameter. Smooth shank, ring shank, brite and hot dipped galvanized finishes are all available from Paslode. Nail capacity of the CF-325 is 47 paper collated fasteners — one strip plus five nails. 

The new Paslode CF-325 weighs around 7 pounds and comes with nailer, battery, battery charger, degreaser cleaner, cordless oil, safety glasses, helpful owners manual and plastic carrying case. Street price is around $399, the lowest price of all brands of cordless nailers, and is covered by a one-year full warranty and a five-year limited warranty.

It’s what users wanted

Paslode has been in the pneumatic nailer business for a long time. Its PowerMaster Plus framing nailer is one of the most popular framing nailers in use today. About two years ago, engineers at Paslode set out to redesign and build the best performing production framing nailer by building on the PowerMaster Plus platform.

Paslode’s visits with production framing contractors nationwide revealed that users wanted their tools to be durable, lightweight, well balanced and powerful. The company gave them the Paslode PowerFramer 350 30-degree framing nailer, exceeding expectations in each category.

To begin with, the PowerFramer 350 is a pound lighter than its predecessor and is so well balanced that it feels even lighter than its 7.5 pounds. The lighter weight and good balance work in conjunction with new comfort features including a cushioned grip surface and ergonomically designed trigger to make this framer comfortable enough for all day, every day use. These changes also make the PowerFramer more maneuverable and easier to control.

The PowerFramer 350 is tough enough to withstand a two-story drop and still perform. Paslode also says that this framer can go for about 18 months without service and should last for more than five years. Paslode is so confident in the tool’s durability that the company offers a one-year service free guarantee and a five-year limited warranty on this nailer.

The PowerFramer 350 is also powerful enough to drive three-inch nails into any type of engineered lumber. Existing framing nailers come up a little short in this department and it is often necessary to go back over work and hand nail to drive fasteners below the surface. The PowerFramer 350 solves this problem.

In addition to all of the innovations that make the PowerFramer 350 tougher, more comfortable and faster, Paslode has packed the tool with the little details such as  tool-less depth-of-drive adjustment and a dual mode (single or rapid cycles) trigger, both standard. A convenient and well thought out retractable rafter hook is also included.

The PowerFramer 350 drives Paslode RoundDrive or standard clipped-head fasteners from 2 to 3.5” in length and from .113, .120 and .131 in diameter in smooth, ring shank, brite and hot-dipped galvanized finishes. Nail capacity is two full strips, or 84 paper-collated fasteners. The PowerFramer 350 will be available soon but the retail price has not been established at press time.

To be sure, 16-gauge finish nailers have been in use  for years and are popular for installing all types of moldings, face frames and door and window casings. Recently Paslode introduced the world’s first angled 16-gauge finish nailer,   the T250A-F16. The unique angled magazine design gives users a combination of maneuverability and comfort never before available in a full size finish nailer.

This new finish nailer uses 16-gauge angled finish nails ranging in size from 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 inches. Additionally, there is less splitting and smaller nail holes with the 16-gauge size. Up to five nails can be driven per second with this oil-less nailer.

Paslode’s new Trim nailer is one of the lightest 16-gauge nailers on the market today. Other features include a convenient quick clear in the event of a jam, a tool-free depth of drive adjustment mechanism, a two-step follower for faster, easier nail loading, a no-mar tip to prevent damage to work surfaces and a wire belt hook.

This nailer comes with carrying case, extra no-mar tip, owner’s manual, quick reference set-up and cleaning guides and safety glasses. Suggested retail is $209.

And from Milwaukee…

Reciprocating saws are popular in all types of construction work and are often referred to as a Sawzall. In fact, the name Sawzall is a registered trade mark of the Milwaukee Electric tool corporation. In 1951 Milwaukee introduced the world to the first Sawzall and there have been many imitations and innovations since.

The latest is the new 15 amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw (6538-21) the fastest, most durable reciprocating saw on the market. The 15 amp motor provides the highest overload protection in the industry. The patented Gear Protecting Clutch extends gear and motor life by absorbing sudden blade lock-up.

The new Super Sawzall, the most powerful reciprocating saw on the market today, has 15 amp Constant Power Technology that maintains constant engine speed and power under almost any cutting load. It has a variable speed trigger with a dial speed control. Additionally it has a 1 1/4 inch stroke length and can produce up to 2,800 strokes per minute.

This new saw is also easy to use with its patented Counter Balance Mechanism which helps to produce extremely low vibration levels. This translates into longer use time without the usual fatigue to the user. A Quik-Lok blade clamp makes tool-less blade changes quick and easy.

The new Super Sawzall is backed by Milwaukee’s five-year tool warranty. It comes with a plastic carrying case, two blades and owners manual. Suggested retail is $196.

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