Paslode ‘nails it’ with improved tool

Paslode has been a pioneer in cordless nailers for many years and recently introduced a new and improved 30° Clipped head nailer with some significant improvements over earlier models.

The new nailer, the CF325, features a unique and innovative tool-free adjustment depth of drive mechanism that makes nail depth adjustments much easier than before. Simply pull up on the metal tabs above the nosepiece with thumb and forefinger and move the nose into position.

The nosepiece can be adjusted at 1/10-inch increments with a total range of 1/2-inch. Sight lines on the nosepiece help the user adjust to desired nail set depth. The nosepiece has been redesigned to be more aggressive and this enables toe nailing at any angle.

Other features
A new feature includes a non-slip, over-molded handgrip to provide greater comfort and help prevent hand fatigue during use.  Another first time feature is a dual position utility hook that can be used either as a belt hook or, when folded out, a rafter hook.  The rafter hook position allows the tool to be hung on rafters, studs, ladders and scaffolds or any area up to two inches wide. The Paslode Cordless engineering group says it developed all these new features based on extensive end-user feedback.

The Paslode CF325 comes with one Orange Fuel Cell. This new fuel cell differs from earlier fuel cells because it’s much easier to load.

The new Paslode 30° weighs 7.6 pounds and will drive nails from 2- to 3 1/4-inches. It fires both clipped and round head nails and the new Power Boost nails available from Paslode.

When the number of nails in the magazine gets down to six, the unit will not fire until it’s reloaded. This feature prevents an accidental dry fire that wastes fuel and could damage tool components. The top of this nailer provides for easy, tool-free access to the filter for cleaning.

Price is around $360 which includes nailer, battery, 1-hour charger, one “quick load” fuel cell, safety glasses, owners manual and plastic carrying case.

The Paslode CF325 Fuel Powered Cordless Framing Nailer System now features the PowerBoost Black Tip Coating on its 3- and 3-1/4-inch nails, taking this nailing system to a new level of power, while maintaining the freedom of cordless. The PowerBoost Black Tip Coating is a proprietary coating that allows the CF325 to drive the nail flush into the hardest engineered lumber, such as LVL, something many pneumatic nailers cannot do.

Better, not bigger
Over the years, lumber technology has continued to evolve with stronger materials that allow for larger spans without additional wall support. The stronger the lumber, the harder it is to drive a nail into it.

“Rather than build a bigger, heavier tool with more power and larger fuel cells, we decided to look at ways to make the tool more powerful through new nail innovations,” said Jacek Romanski, market manager for Paslode. “And I’m happy to report that our engineers have come up with a real breakthrough in nail  coating technology that translates into greater driving power for our cordless framing nailer.”

But, added Romanki, “I’m not just talking about lab tests. On every jobsite that I’ve visited, the users agree that this nail truly gives the CF325 a boost in terms of nail drivability.”

Another feature of the PowerBoost Black Tip Coating on these nails is their holding power or withdrawal resistance, which is 20 percent better than a traditional framing nail. This benefits many framers and carpenters who often need to move framing after they have constructed it and don’t want it coming loose when they tip it into position.

Made in the U.S., the nails are packaged with Quicklode fuel cells.

Not only do the packs offer the convenience, they also optimize the CF325’s performance.  The new boost also translates into better performance at higher altitudes in parts of the U.S. where, typically, combustion-type framing nailers have had drivability issues due to the lack of oxygen. These nails finally allow remodelers and builders in high altitude markets to benefit from the freedom of cordless framing nailers without the hassle of hoses and compressors.

Environmental benefits, too
Flying debris is eliminated or reduced by the paper tape collation feature. Plus, they are RounDrive nails, featuring a full round head that offers maximum holding power, helping professional contractors comply with more building codes where a round head nail is specified while still using a clipped-head or 30-degree framing nailer.

Fuel/nail combo packs come in cartons containing one fuel cartridge and 1,000 nails or three fuel cartridges plus 3,000 nails.
While the 1,000 packs are designed for remodelers and lower volume users, the 3,000 packs are for the growing number of heavy duty users that have completely converted from pneumatic to cordless nailing systems, eliminating the need for hoses or compressors on the jobsite.

The CF325, coupled with framing nails with PowerBoost Black Tip Coating, combines the power of a pneumatic with the freedom of a cordless tool. Using only cordless tools on the jobsite saves time and money, while increasing safety.
See Paslode’s studies on the issue at its Web site calculator feature at

Another look at a saw blade
Back in 2008, we covered Hili’s new Final Cut Saw blade, which combines a carbide tooth blade with a replaceable abrasive disk on both sides.

With the popularity of the 10- and 12-inch Final Cut Saw Blade growing across the country, people have been wondering why they can’t get one for their circular saws. Now they can.

Available for the first time is a 7-1/4-inch Final Cut Saw Blade for use on a standard circular saw. The new blade turns a circular saw into a cutting and sanding tool. It’s ideal for woodworkers, carpenters, contractors and the serious do-it-yourselfer who want to save time by not having to sand the work piece after cutting.

“The 10- and 12-inch Final Cut blades have been well received by woodworkers and contractors, but people kept asking for one for their circular saw,” said Dave Perrey, a full-time contractor who invented the Final Cut Saw Blade. “Our new 7-1/4-inch Final Cut blade works as well as the bigger blades and produces a fine finish with every cut.”

Like the larger blades, this blade features sanding discs on each side that allow it to cut and sand the work piece at the same time. The unique design reduces kick back and eliminates binding and heat build up for longer blade life.

The abrasive disc is actually wider than the blade kerf, therefore the stock is cut by the blade and sanded by the disc. Each cut produces a fine, double-sided finish that eliminates the need for sanding.

The user can even make minor length adjustments by simply sliding the work piece toward the rotating blade, using it just like a disc sander.

How long will the Final Cut Saw Blade last? It all depends on the material being cut. For example, if you are cutting 2-1/4-inch pine casing, the blade and sandpaper will make about 2,000 cuts before you need to resharpen the blade or replace the sandpaper. In many cases, by just changing the sandpaper disc, you can continue to make fine finish cuts even with a dull blade.

The blade costs $19.95 and is available at or can be obtained by calling toll-free 866-305-0219. Replacement sanding discs are also available and easy to install.

Don Geary is a regular contributor to Rural Builder magazine.

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