Top 10 Products of 2012 for rural builders

TOP-10-logoLet’s face it, in many ways, 2012 was a year to forget. No need to go back over the fiscal cliff to talk about all the gloom and doomsday predictions. Let’s focus on a few of your favorite things from 2012 that can make life in 2013 a little better.

As usual in the February issue of Rural Builder, we revealed the Top 10 Products of the previous year as determined by our readers. Every issue when readers circle a Reader Service Card number requesting more information about a product or service listed in the magazine, those requests become like votes that are tabulated at the end of the year to determine what products and services attracted the most attention. The final result is the Top 10 list. It provides us with a little more insight into what’s going on in the building world and what kinds of things you’re looking for to make your job easier, more efficient and more profitable.

Not surprisingly, in light of interest in energy-efficiency, the top vote getter for 2012 was energy efficient construction products from Energy Panel Structures. Read again about EPS and the other Top 10 for 2012.

Top-10-EPS-2Efficient construction products from Energy Panel Structures
EPS began by manufacturing insulated wall panels for the agricultural market. It has since diversified to include: structural insulated panel (solid core) buildings with foam core wall panels and wood truss systems for small and medium size agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings; post-frame packages for commercial and agricultural use; commercial industrial building packages and panelized products; complete dairy facilities; equestrian arenas and complete stable packages; steel frame building packages utilizing Energy-Lok steel faced EPS foam core panels; insulated panels for both new construction and retrofit projects; cold storage panel systems and walk-in freezers; small exterior cooler and freezer building packages; and residential systems.


Top-10-GraberAgricultural building packages from Graber Post Buildings
Graber Post Buildings is a complete One-Stop Shop for all post frame building materials, saving customer’s valuable time and money. One phone call to Graber Post Buildings is all it takes to have a complete building package delivered right to your business or jobsite. It has been serving the building needs of the ag and livestock industries for 40 years.


Low-profile ventilation products from Plyco
Plyco manufactures and distributes a variety of ventilation products designed to provide airflow to meet most requirements. The MWE-100 is a low profile unit, 1Top-10-Plyco0 feet in length with 12 square inches of free air space per lineal foot. The MW100-25 has a higher profile than the MWE and is open at the top. The ventilator has an internal diverter to direct rain off to the side and out onto the roof. The free air space per lineal foot is 30 square inches and it is 10 foot long. The MW100-35 has the same design as the 25 series with increased free air space of 36 square inches per lineal foot. The ventilator rises 4 inches above the ridge and comes 10 foot in length. The FMW100-35 is of the same design as the 35 series but the diverter is made from translucent fiberglass. Having the translucent fiberglass diverter allows light into the building ridge while keeping the rain out.


EZ-V Vinyl Window Trim System from A.J. Manufacturing
For the second year in a row, A.J. Manufacturing is a Top 10 winner with its product line of aluminum and Top-10-WIN-AJvinyl windows, steel and stainless steel doors, and Low-E reflective insulation. In particular, readers wanted more information about A.J.’s EZ-V vinyl window trim system. This exclusive and innovative design permits the installation of the vinyl window into a steel clad building with a fully trimmed panning frame that will accommodate the raised ribs of the building skin. EZ-V is paintable and tolerant of thermal expansion/contraction. The EZ-V system offers a dramatic reduction of installation labor. It diverts all water to the exterior of the building ensuring a leak-free installation.


Treatment systems for unsewered buildings from Orenco
AdvanTex systems from Orenco use recirculating media filters to produce clear, odorless effluent with outstanding nutrient-reduction, suitable for subsurface irrigation or surface discharge after disinfection (where regulations permit). The award-winning AdvanTex Top-10-Orencoproduct line includes the AX20, AX100 and now the AX-Max and AX-Mobile. AdvanTex AX20s are ideal for residential applications. The AdvanTex AX100 is engineered for communities, subdivisions, commercial flows and residential clusters. The AX-Max is ideal for larger commercial/municipal systems. Using less than 2 kWh per 1,000 gallons treated, it is LEED eligible, as is all the AdvanTex line. Orenco’s new AX-Mobile unit is designed specifically for installation in remote locations or in temporary situations, such as construction sites.


The Perfect Bungee from Just Ducky
The Perfect Bungee takes bungees to a whole new level. They’re now available with special clips, loops, rings and in a multitude of strengths and colors. The Perfect Bungee, from Just Ducky Products  is made from high Top-10-Perfect-Bungee2quality polyurethane that is resistant to saltwater, oil, ozone and the majority of common household chemicals. It safely extends up to twice its original length. Non load-bearing cords won’t stretch or gouge. Bungees for load-bearing applications feature galvanized straps. The Perfect Bungee is manufactured in the U.S. and guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects when used as directed. Cargo styles include the Perfect Tie Down, Flex We, Loop-end Cord and Fixed-end Cord.


Top-10-Dynamic-Fastener-coverDrop-Stop Sealer from Dynamic Fastener
Drop-Stop sealer, available through Dynamic Fastener, was specifically designed for application to metal roofs and problem areas such as gutters and expansion joints. It can be applied over sloped, contoured surfaces for long lasting, colorful protection. Made from select synthetic rubbers, Drop-Stop is applied as heavy bodied paints. This unique material actually stretches and recovers to bridge roof joints in which thermal movement can be expected.  With 1,600 PSI tensile and 600 percent elongation capabilities, Drop-Stop alone can tackle most metal repairs.


Top-10-EnerceptEnercept SIPs from Enercept, Inc.
30 years of excellence! Enercept SIPs are efficient to build with, efficient to finish and efficient to heat and cool. Enercept custom panels feature a pre-installed connection post system that is more quickly erected, stronger and virtually eliminates thermal bridging. Rough openings are pre-cut and framed with an insulated header. Enercept now offers 8 foot wide “jumbo” panels. The builders’ choice for structural insulated panels is Enercept.



Top-10-DOOR-ExtrutechAll Weather Doors from Extrutech Plastics, Inc.
Extrutech All Weather Doors are corrosion proof, bright white, flat, smooth, 1-3/4 inch thick PVC door panels with solid PVC frames and weather strip sealed edges. Available are single and double doors in standard or custom sizes, as well as replacement door panels to fit existing frames for use in high moisture or corrosive areas where other types of doors just don’t last. Use as interior passage door in carwashes, clean rooms, food processing and agriculture.




Top-10-Metal-SalesHigh-quality metal roof and wall products from Metal Sales Manufacturing
Metal Sales has been manufacturing high-quality metal roof and wall products for 50 years, and currently offers more than 75 profiles in a variety of widths, colors and gauges for the commercial, industrial, architectural, residential, retrofit and agricultural markets. Additionally, Metal Sales offers a complete line of matching Energy Star listed, color-coated, galvanized and Galvalume trims and accessories ideal for any application.

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