Top 12 Building Products of 2010

Every year, Rural Builder magazine features the top products that caught readers’ attention in the previous year. We base that decision on the products that garnered the most attention based on Reader Service Card response returns.

It is obvious from the responses that 2010 was a year when builders were looking less at the newest bells and whistles and more on the necessities of building materials from well-established companies. Following are the top twelve companies and their products.

If you didn’t take a look the first time around, take a closer look now at the RB 2010 Builder’s Dozen. Click the company name or product photo to visit their websites.

Plyco door
A.J. Manufacturing
Walk doors and windows

A.J. Manufacturing builds high quality walk doors and windows. Their steel and aluminum doors are pre-hung with 4- by 4.5-inch fixed pin or ball bearing hinges and foam injected for R12 insulating value. Durable and attractive single glazed and thermal aluminum windows and custom colorized Harmony Vinyl Windows are available with nailing fin, J-channel or EZ Fit installation systems. A.J. doors and windows are crafted with superior attention to detail; rigorous quality control checks ensure the highest quality product.

Cannonball:HNP panelsCannonball:HNP
Polycarbonate Panels

CannonBall:HNP offers polycarbonate panels that provide a perfect solution for skylights, pipe lights and other roofing applications. The panels are available in standard or custom-cut lengths and in a wide variety of corrugations.

Cornell Corporation insulationCornell Corporation
Vent-Top ThermaCal Ventilated Roof Insulation

Wisconsin-based Cornell Corporation features Vent-Top ThermaCal Ventilated Roof Insulation that combines isocyanurate or XPS foam with a standard 1-inch airspace (larger airspaces available) and sheathing to create a 4 x 8-foot nominal panel that provides both roof insulation and sheathing ventilation to cool a roof in summer and retard ice dams in winter. The company’s ThermaCal Nail Base Roof Insulation offers the same machined features but with no air space for cooling; and their new ThermaRIM BLU Insulated Rim Board features Bluwood mold protection.

Energy Panel Structures solid coreEnergy Panel Structures
Solid Core

A Solid Core panel roof using a glulam truss system with 12-foot on-center bays can clear spans up to 120 feet, with no exposed fasteners or connection plates. Panel sidewall heights can span from 4 to 27 feet. Panels come with factory installed vertical and horizontal chases for electrical wiring. They are machined to accept two 2×4 studs, allowing for foam-to-foam contact for no thermal breaks. Optional R-26 or R-33 insulated panels over a truss system are available.


Skylight panels

Fabral has skylights in industry-leading profiles that builders have come to know for 40 years. Their skylight panels form a shield against harmful UV rays while admitting visible light. Not only do they reduce lighting costs and retain optical clarity over time, but Fabral skylight panels are virtually unbreakable and offer design accents to structures.

Levi's Snow DefenderLevi’s Nails & Screws
Snow Defender

The patent pending PC240 is an all polycarbonate snow guard clear in color to make it all but invisible. Made of Polycarbonate Lexan 103-112, it is UV Stable and can be attached mechanically or glued using SB190 on standing seam roofs. The PC240, one of a line of Snow Defender snow guards available from Levi’s, can be screw or adhesive mounted and is made in the USA.

Marco Industries ridge ventMarco Industries
Weather-Tite Ridge Vent

The Weather-Tite Ridge Vent is metal building ventilation designed for ease of installation and long-term results. It features die-cut closures that can be ordered to fit more than 400 different profiles. The M63 adhesive can be added for permanent adhesion to metal panels.

MWI Components TempShieldMWI Components

MWI Components’ TempShield is a technologically advanced insulation material for new construction or retrofit installation in residential, commercial, industrial, metal and post-frame buildings. Insulation consists of one or two layers of Barrier Bubble air cellular material laminated between layers of aluminum foil. Also available is a Class A / Class 1 fire rating on white poly/foil insulation, available in standard widths of 48 inches and special order widths up to 120 inches. MWI products are recognized for thermal performance, easy installation, versatility, price and environmental friendliness.

Plyco ventilationPlyco
Ventilation products?

Plyco manufactures and distributes a series of ventilation products, including the MWE low profile ridge vent unit. It is 10 feet in length with 12 square inches of free air space per lineal foot. The MW100-25 has a higher profile and is open at the top. The ventilator has an internal diverter to direct rain off to the side and out onto the roof. The free air space per lineal foot is 30 square inches and it is 10 feet long. The MW100-35 has the same design as the 25 series with increased free air space of 36 square inches per lineal foot. It rises 4 inches above the ridge and comes 10 feet in length. The FMW100-35 is of the same design but the diverter is made from translucent fiberglass. Having the translucent fiberglass diverter allows light into the building ridge while keeping the rain out.

Simpson Strong-Tie Quick DriveSimpson Strong-Tie
Quik Drive Tool

The Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive PROPP150G2 auto-feed screw driving system is specifically designed for standing-seam metal roofing and cuts fastener installation time in half. The tool features a Precision Placement nosepiece, which allows users to drive fasteners into the pre-existing hole of a standing seam clip and in close proximity to the clip bend without interference by the tool. With collated screw strips, there’s no more fumbling for bulk screws, which also minimizes screw waste. Lightweight and easy to use, installers can now drive screws with one hand, increasing productivity.

TekSupply EZ-HaulTekSupply
EZ-Haul Utility Wagon

TekSupply offers a variety of tools for the construction site, including the EZ-Haul Utility Wagon. It is available in 1,500 pound and 3,000 pound capacities to make moving items easier. TekSupply also offers carts, shovels, brooms, work lights, fasteners, lifting and pulling systems and more.

Woodstar custom barn doors
Woodstar Products

Custom barn doors

Woodstar is not only known for great horse stalls, but also custom barn doors. Barn doors come in any size, any species of wood, completely assembled and ready to hang and delivered to the jobsite. The warmth and character of these doors also make them popular for interior applications.

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