Top e-Products of 2013 for Rural Builders

Throughout the year, Rural Builder Product e-Guides have featured quality products from the industry’s top manufacturers. Looking back over the products from 2013, we asked our online readers to help us decide the Best of the Best. The top three results are included here: WindowWrap window flashing from MFM Building Products, PrisMAX SL skylights from Varco Pruden Buildings and doors from MWI Components.
MFM – WindowWrap Window Flashing
WindowWrap is a family of self-adhesive waterproofing tapes that are the ultimate defenders against wind, water, moisture, insect and sound penetration. WindowWrap offers specialized products for curved shapes, low temperatures or prolonged UV exposure. WindowWrap offers easy installation to save time, material and labor costs.
VP Buildings – PrisMAX SL
Varco Pruden’s PrisMAX SL prismatic skylight offers outstanding lighting and weathertight performance. These skylight strips are ideally suited for the vast array of daylighting requirements. When used along with sensored lighting controls, PrisMAX SL system can reduce lighting needs and cost. Further, providing more light for longer periods of the day will enhance a wide variety of indoor activities for customers, employees and visitors in your facility. These 24-inch wide skylights come in standard 10-foot lengths that allow easy attachment of additional 5-foot or 10-foot units to create an extended “string” of units with only a single roof penetration.
MWI – Doors
MWI Components is an industry leader in the manufacture of Dutch doors, bale doors and sliding doors. Powder-coated parts are offered in over 28 colors and over 100 options for 29 gauge inserts. Track packages are available to finish slider installation or you may choose your own components from MWI’s track and hardware catalog. Call MWI about your next project and add the final touch to your building using its expansive line of Arcadian doors.

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