The way we were (20 years ago)

What was considered cutting edge 20 years ago now may have a curiously dated appeal. Enjoy riding the "way-back machine"? Fasten your seatbelt and let’s go!

Here are some pointers Rural Builder touted as “great ideas” 20 years ago this month.
• 1nvest in a FAX. Estimate what you think will be your FAX volume, then multiply by three, was the advice.

  • Look at “condos” to boost sales. One of the fastest growing parts of the housing market in those days was condominium units. The magazine especially recommended building airport hangar condo projects.

  •  Invest in your own business by building a “showpiece” structure to house your own business. It will not only help you improve your own image, it also gives a place to show off to prospective customers.

  •  Don’t undervalue engineering, said the magazine.  Too many builders sell on price rather than quality,  because they don’t offer quality. Don’t be that builder.  Use pre-engineered code and load type structures for all uses — from a machine shed to commercial or industrial uses. Long after the sweetness of low price is gone, the bitterness of poor quality remains.

  •  Cut crew costs with equipment. One builder said his forklift helped trim labor costs by at least 15 percent per job, allowing crews to unload packaged buildings in under an hour.
Rural Builder magazine enjoys delving into archives to see how much the industry has changed — or how much it’s stayed the same. Do these ideas do both?  You decide!

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