When the job requires doors for dogs

The pet industry is exploding and more and more contractors are involved with building dog doorkennels, boarding facilities and other dog-related businesses. So where do you go when you need a doggy door?

GoPet LLC, which shares the same owner as Raytec Manufacturing, has been confronted with that very question and has responded with the development of the Dog Vue Door.

The door has been refined and improved to its current status and GoPet’s spokesman said, “The responses from kennel and shed builders have been very positive”, adding: “They are glad, finally, there is a dog door providing a cost-effective solution to some of the most frustrating problems faced by kennel owners, breeders, boarding facilities and other dog related businesses.”

He noted that GoPet LLC designed the door so that even short-nosed breeds like English Bull Dogs can easily use it. The clear see-through door provides light and is attractive and inviting to dogs as compared to more dark opaque doors or torn vinyl flaps. An optional training system feature helps the most skeptic dog feel 100% comfortable using the door.

dog doorBest yet for builders, it was also designed for easy installation.

GoPet’s design engineers said that “Heating and AC expenditures are kept to a minimum because of the tight fitting, self closing, comfort door. These doors are framed in aluminum and were tested for over 1 million cycles. These are durable doors, designed to last for a very long time.”

To learn more about the Dog Vue Door visit GoPet LLC.


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