OSHA may inspect if…

OSHA may inspect if…
• It’s a routine inspection or follow-up is required to a previous inspection
• A national or local safety program is being conducted
• Sites with high rates of safety incidents are being targeted
• An OSHA compliance officer is in the area, or is inspecting another contractor on your site, and sees an imminent danger
• A vehicle or jobsite accident or near-miss occurs
• A current, disciplined or terminated employee complains
• A citizen complains about noise, traffic or damage
• A building inspector, engineer, police official or fire official makes a referral
• Utilities are damaged
• Notification time is inadequate under statutory Dig Safe rules for excavating or drilling near utilities, or if emergency Dig Safe procedures are repeatedly used
• A competing contractor reports seeing violations on the site
• An injury or illness is reported
• An emergency brings EMS, fire, police or rescue services to the site

— Sources: Applegate Associates;Cavignac & Associates

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