Woodstar’s new ‘Design A Stall’ provides builders a designing edge

Horse barn builders can now help guide the stall design process with Woodstar Products’ new interactive online design program.

The Design A Stall is a free program now available on Woodstar’s website that allows clients and preferred builders to select from the various Woodstar product lines to design a stall in 3D color rendering. The system allows easy selection from numerous top-quality styles of doors, blanket bars, feeders, grills, partitions, waterers and vents. To help guide design, packages are broken into three basic product lines: Heritage, Brentwood and Woodstar’s newest, the Statesman. Creating optional selections is quick and effortless.

Final designs and estimates can be saved and printed. Additionally, products can be purchased online using Woodstar’s shopping cart system. Built into the system is a price estimator.

Woodstar Design A Stall

After selecting the basic style (shown here is the Heritage) the design process begins with customized options rendered in 3D.

“The central theme we want to express to the builders is that the Design A Stall can empower them to enhance their overall Horse Barn / Stall Package Presentation,” notes Michael Sullivan, Woodstar’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “By presenting a 3D rendering of the proposed stall package to the client, the builder is now able to specifically discuss the project from a reference photo.”

Having that kind of design ability is important for today’s builder.

“In this economy, builders need an edge!” Sullivan says. “Helping clients make their decision “visually” is a proven process in several building trades like kitchens, baths, doors, windows and flooring. This new tool is now offered to the equine industries builders.”

Already pleased with the Design A Stall process is Mark Taylor of Superior Stables, Inc., in North Carolina, one of Woodstar’s preferred builders. According to Sullivan, Taylor plans to advertise his newly acquired design advantage with an ad in his local market for “Renovating Horse Barn Interiors” in his effort to capture the renovation market.

“He feels that with Woodstar’s Design A Stall, he can work with the client interactively and help promote his company,” Sullivan added. “Mark has been impacted by the recession and feels that renovation may be the way to keep cash flow going and tap into a new segment of his market.”

To try Design A Stall go to: www.WoodStarProducts.com.

The finished stall design can be saved and printed. Costs of options are readily available.

Woodstar, founded in 1977, is a nationally recognized manufacturer of quality horse stalls and barn related accessories, which prides itself in creating stalls that are attractive, long lasting and economical.

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