World Class Corrugating emerges from the Wheeling Corrugating assets

New Star Metals Inc. announced it has formed a new company named World Class Corrugating LLC based in Louisville, Ky. New Star Metals recently acquired many of the assets of the company formally known as the Wheeling Corrugating Company which were used to form World Class Ccompany. 

WCCWCC roll forms panels and accessories used in post-frame metal buildings, residential and light commercial roofing. WCC is stocking galvanized, galvalume and 14 pre-painted colors. With an 80,000 square foot building, three panel roll-formers, seven accessory roll-formers and two benders; WCC is capable of making nine-inch panel, R-panel, 5-V and LocSeam panel along with a full array of accessories.

“We are proud to have World Class on our team”, says Patrick Murley, CEO of New Star Metals.  “The name tells you everything about what kind of company we expect WCC to be in the future.”

“The team from World Class is excited to be part of New Star Metals,” says Mark Morelli, President of WCC.  “With their financial strength and knowledge of the painted steel business and our experienced team in Louisville, we have all of the tools necessary to serve the growing steel building products market.”

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