Special Issues

Horse Barn Builder
The passion for horses often extends into the building of shelters to protect them. In fact, horse barns have became a marquee market segment for rural builders. Horse Barn Builder, a special section of Rural Builder magazine, explores some of the important elements builders should take into consideration when building for the equine market, shows off some dream barns, and offers products that go into the making of a great horse barn.


the idea book

the idea book
The popularity of metal in everything from new construction to historical restoration, from eaves to ridge, has never been greater. And if you’re looking for products to help you with those projects, you’ve come to the right place; the idea book explores all the possibilities.



Metal BuilderMetal Builder
The popularity of metal in buildings is explored in depth in the pages of Metal Builder. Started as an special issue of Rural Builder magazine in 2007, it continues to serve as a showcase for builders to show off their projects, ideas and photos. It’s also a place to gain inspiration for your own business. There’s also a profile section of metal building manufacturers and what they have to offer the industry.



Source Book TwoThe Metal Builder Source Book
An inspirational reference book for those who are looking for ways to bring creativity and innovation to their next metal building project. You’ll find information on metal building companies, wall and roof panels, insulation, ventilation, fasteners, snowguards and more from companies that are the mainstays of the metal building industry.