ATAS International, Inc. Adds Almond To Selection Of Colors

ATAS International is pleased to announce the addition of the color Almond to its increasing line of standard colors. This timeless natural hue nicely complements many other colors of the spectrum. The neutral tone of Almond lends itself to versatility within a building design. It can be a primary focal point, for example, when used on the new ATAS Isoleren insulated metal wall and roof panels. On products such as ATAS soffit panels and the newly enhanced ATAS Perimeter Edge Trim, Almond can serve as a color enhancing accent to the total building envelope.


ATAS International recently added the color Almond to its increasing line of standard colors.

Almond is available in the ATAS’ standard Kynar 500 PVDF or Hylar 5000 PVDF “Superior Finish System.” This premium finish is a two coat system that provides outstanding aesthetics and durability in a wide range of architectural applications while being the most economical high-end coating for building product applications.

Jim Bush, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing  for ATAS, stated, “ATAS continues to expand not only our product line, but also the various colors and finish systems that we have to offer.  With feedback from customers, advisory boards and members of our sales team, we stay attuned to current trends in design.  This led to the addition of Almond, along with Titanium and Charcoal Grey, which were also recently added as standard color offerings.”

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