Check Out This Unique “Metal Roof”

A Metal Roofing Magazine reader recently sent in some unique photographs of how he recently used a few 5V crimp steel Fabral roof panels. Self-described as a “life-long hobby builder,” he says he has always enjoyed using traditional materials for nontraditional projects.


This photo depicts the arched aluminum and wood framing for the new design, plus the old bamboo pole support for the last canvas tarp version. The cat, Chance, recently helped “test” sleeping under the new roof.

The reader was commissioned in the Navy and has also spent 10 years on active duty and another 15 in the reserves, retiring as a Commander. As he recently retired, he currently enjoys building and “tinkering.”

As one of his newer projects, he built an outdoor cot for camping out next to his fire pit, which originated years ago before they were common as outdoor living spaces.


Pictured here is an inside shot taken to support the vertical supports. The pipe allows for about a foot of vertical height adjustment.

“Designing and building the cot came out of a concern that store-bought aluminum versions were neither comfortable, sturdy or safe near open flames. Plus, I just knew I could come up with the ‘proverbial better mousetrap,’” he says.

The previous three designs all were constructed with canvas tarp covers/awnings, supported with separate poles – sort of like a tent. While they provided adequate protection from rain or snow, embers from an open fire often ended up burning small holes or were subject to impact from unforeseen wind.


Pictured here is an overall shot of the roof and fire pit.

“The idea of using steel roof panels just seemed like a reasonable option,” he said.

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