Dura Coat Products Expands Huntsville Factory

Dura Coat Products Inc.’s president and CEO Dr. Mike Hong, announced that the expansion of the Huntsville, Alabama, manufacturing plant is now complete. The factory has been undergoing construction recently to add 35,000 square feet of paint manufacturing capability.


Dura Coat Product Inc.’s expansion of the Huntsville, Alabama, manufacturing plant is complete.

The plant was originally built in 2002, designed from the ground up specifically for paint manufacturing. It was located to serve customers in the southeast and offer next day delivery within a 500-mile radius.

Built next to the Wheeler Wild Life Refuge, a 35,000-acre preserve along the Tennessee River and habitat for wintering and migrating birds in the eastern U.S. , Dura Coat adheres to stringent environmental restrictions and upholds some of the highest air quality, waste water and hazardous waste management standards.

Because of increasing demands, the factory needed to expand and has now approximately doubled its manufacturing capacity.

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