European-engineered underlayment from Roof AquaGuard designed for metal roofs

Roof Aqua GuardDry-Tech, by Roof AquaGard, has an outer layer of Polypropylene Monofilament Mesh 1/3-inches in height, bonded to a hydrophobic, water repelling, highly breathable underlayment.

Dry-Tech is not susceptible to noise when windy. The acoustic value is 8 db. It has high tensile and nail strength.

To the top edge of Dry-Tech a 4-inch Peel and Stick overlap is applied, preventing wind driven rain. It allows movement between the outer panels and the deck structure. It will not bond with underside of metal panels in hot conditions. Prevents condensation that occurs on the underside of metal panels from re-entering the roof structure as any build-up of moisture between the roof panels and Dry-Tech will be channeled safely to the eves due to the nature of the 1/3-inch Polypropylene mesh.

Dry-Tech can be laid horizontally or vertically and can be used as a temporary water proofing barrier with a maximum UV exposure of 120 days. Roof AquaGuard Dry-Tech comes with a Limited 35 Year Warranty.

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