Henry Co. releases new weather-resistant roof packaging

In response to the needs of roofing contractors, Henry Company has upgraded its packaging for self-adhered cap sheets and roof underlayments from cardboard boxes to new, weather-resistant polypropylene shrink-wrap packaging. 
“We listened to roofing contractors, who have expressed a clear desire for products with more durable packaging,” said Pete Friedli, director of product management at Henry Company.  “In rain, cardboard boxes disintegrate. Especially in high humidity areas, boxes are easily damaged in shipping, warehousing and in the field. With this novel polypropylene packaging, the contractor benefits from cost savings through reduced job site handling and waste disposal.” 
For contractors, this new packaging reduces on-site costs, including labor to collect empty boxes and drive them to the dump, as well as dump fees. A large contractor estimated savings of $600 per job because the waste now fits into a small garbage can.
For distributors, icon-driven label graphics increase sales by better communicating product features and benefits. In the warehouse, the new packaging handles similarly to boxes, while UPC codes and pallet configurations remain the same.
The products that are available in the new polypropylene packaging include Eaveguard Self-Adhered Shingle Underlayment, Blueskin Roof Ice and Water Barrier, Blueskin Roof High-Temperature Underlayment, Blueskin Roof WP Self-Adhered Waterproofing, Henry LowSlope Self-Adhered Roofing and DuraTac Base  & Cap Sheet Systems.
For additional Information regarding Henry products or services, please contact Henry Customer Service at 1-800-486-1278 or visit www.henry.com.

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