HotEdge first in class to attain UL listing

HotEdge Rail

U.S. manufacturer HotEdge Inc., has announced the first roof edge ice melt system to successfully achieve an Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listing. The UL is a familiar logo, known throughout the world as the gold standard of safety.

The new, patent-pending HotEdge Rail earned the distinction after nearly three years of testing, giving building owners confidence that the entire system has been found to be inherently safe by UL. It is currently the only roof edge ice melt system to concentrate heat directly to the structure’s metal drip edge, where most ice dams and icicles form. These ice dams pool snowmelt on the surface of the roof, which can leak into the structure and cause mold, mildew and structural rot.

UL Listed logo“Most roof edge ice melt systems use UL Listed ice melt cable,” observed HotEdge inventor Malcolm Nark. “But until now, no manufacturer has gone through the rigorous process necessary to test and certify an entire roof edge ice melt system.” The distinction is an important one, said Nark. Without it, potential specifiers have little assurance that all of the components will function together in a safe and effective manner.

“The ‘UL in a circle’ logo gives installers and building owners peace of mind,” Nark said. “They know that all the components have been tested as an entire system. Inspectors see the UL labeling, and they know they can rely on UL’s intensive testing regimen to confirm its safe operation.”

Unlike most competing products, the partial exposure of the ice melt cable in the HotEdge Rail is designed to be in full compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements. “It also facilitates inspections from local building authorities and easy replacement at the end of the heat cable’s service life,” Nark added.

In developing the HotEdge design, Nark took a new approach by incorporating UL Listed 12W self-regulating ice melt cable with a specially-engineered, low-profile metal rail to create a containment device for heat cable. The HotEdge Rail transfers heat directly to an existing metal drip edge, preventing snowmelt from re-freezing so it can drain away from the structure.

Because the HotEdge Rail requires just a fraction of the roof and gutter de-icing cable used in competing systems, homeowners and businesses benefit from a design that conserves energy throughout its lifespan. “More power is required for longer periods of time in some other systems, because of the heat sink characteristics of the metal extrusion,” Nark explained. “Typical metal extrusions don’t transmit heat as efficiently, and they require 2-3 times the amount of ice melt cable to achieve the performance of the single cable run used in the HotEdge Rail.”

HotEdge, Inc. is rapidly expanding into high snow load regions worldwide, fostering relationships with architects, engineers, roofing contractors, material supply companies and licensed electricians. Additional information and video clips are available at

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