Innovations: HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System

HotEdge Before

One of the world’s leading destination ski resorts has turned to an innovative technology for snow and ice control on roof edges, installing a new system design where conventional approaches have failed to protect a 22,000 square foot facility atop Aspen Mountain. The new, patent-pending HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System incorporates three components that work together to create and maintain a consistent path for snowmelt to exit the roof without re-freezing, preventing the ice dams and dangerous overhanging icicles that plague most buildings in high snow environments. The manufacturer is so certain that the system will solve the roof ice problem at Aspen that the company will be installing 24-hour video monitoring, so resort officials, architects and contractors worldwide can evaluate the system’s effectiveness.

The installation at Aspen involved three separate products: the HotEdge system beneath the roof drip edge, the HotSeam component to warm the panels between standing seams and the company’s HotValley product to protect roof valleys. Together they form a roof protection system that prevents harmful ice dams and overhangs from forming. In all, the resort installed 189 linear feet of HotEdge coverage, 497 feet of HotSeam and 164 feet of HotValley protection in the first phase of this roof ice melt project. Two of the three products are patent pending.

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