Kitschy Fuel Center Blasts Off With Bright Metal Roof, Fascia

The new Ricky Rocket’s Fuel Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, generates head-turning looks with its signature “rocket man” perched atop the 8,200-square-foot building. The facility includes a high-tech car wash, convenience store, food outlets and, of course, fuel service.

WEB-PAC-Kitschy-1Adding to the attention-getting design are bright yellow and red fascia and soffit panels provided by Petersen Aluminum. The 12-inch Flush Panels are finished with a high-gloss acrylic paint that creates a bright, enduring look.
The roof of the fuel center utilizes roughly 3,700 square feet of Petersen Aluminum’s Tite-Loc Plus and Snap-On Panels.

The 24 gauge, 16-inch panels were finished in PAC-CLAD Cityscape Cool Color. A major portion of the roof is low slope and used the Tite-Loc Panels in curved 55-foot 5-inch lengths. Tighter radiuses on several canopies above entrances are clad with the Snap-On Panels.

Installation of the PAC-CLAD material was done by Progressive Dynamics Inc. of Streamwood, Illinois, a long-time installer of Petersen Aluminum products. “In fact,” says Rodger Leonard, Progressive Dynamics’ project manager, “my experience with Petersen Aluminum goes back to 1979 before I joined Progressive. It’s a great company with a superior product and wonderful customer support.”

WEB-PAC-Kitschy-3The long 55-foot panels were the only real challenge on the job, Leonard says. “Overall, the job was pretty straightforward. The long panels did require four guys to handle them once they were craned up to the roof. But we’re used to that sort of thing. We just get it done.”
The project also included use of Reynobond aluminum composite material installed by Progressive Dynamics and distributed by Petersen Aluminum. The ACM panels were selectively utilized to enhance the exterior design of the front of the building.

Architectural design for the fuel center was created by Corporate Design & Development Group, also in Hoffman Estates. The general contractor on the project was KLN Builders in Barrington, Illinois.
Long-recognized as an industry leader in metal standing seam roofing products, Petersen Aluminum also offers metal wall panels including exposed fastener panels, flush panels, composite wall panels and column covers. All provide the well-known Petersen Aluminum quality and are available in PAC-CLAD 70 percent PVDF finish in 38 standard colors on steel and 37 on aluminum. Most colors meet LEED, Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council certification requirements.

For more information on the complete line of Petersen Aluminum metal products, call 800-PAC-CLAD or visit

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