Leaf Exterminator: Secret gutter protection weapon in war against leaves

leaf exterminatorLeaf Exterminator™ is the latest product developed by ERAN Industries, Inc., makers of advanced gutter protection systems. The product was designed to offer installers a quality gutter protection system that is affordable and installs as fast as any product on the market.

Leaf Exterminator™ is an aluminum gutter cover that keeps leaves, seeds, pine needles, and other debris out of the gutter. The panel can handle any rainfall thanks to the unique Micro-Pore filtration system.

The product is available for 5-inch and 6-inch gutters and comes in WHITE or BLACK (recommended for northern climates) colors. It comes in long, 6-foot sections that lay flat on top of the gutter and is invisible from the ground. The panels simply screw to the front lip of the gutter with provided, color-matched zip screws.

With Leaf Exterminator™, there is no lifting or penetration of the roof shingles. Unlike other products that install in a similar fashion, Leaf Exterminator’s ribbed cover encourages airflow to lift debris off the top of the panel with a gentle breeze.

Equipped with a 25 Year No-Clog Warranty and priced affordably.

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Visit website: www.LeafExterminator.com

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