Lynch Aluminum tackles troublesome gutters and downspouts with Klynch Lynch and KwikFlip

Lynch Aluminum, with more than 35 years of experience in the seamless gutter and trim industry, has the versatility to recognize opportunities in the marketplace and provide new and innovative products, like Klynch Lynch and KwikFlip.

Klynch Lynch: the shingle saver
One of the latest improvements is an upgrading of the paint applied to all downspouts, elbows, coil and all painted accessories. This improvement ensures gutters will look better, stay cleaner and last longer than any other standard painted gutter.

You’ll find this durable finish on such products as the Klynch Channel. Klynch fastens to the fascia or drip edge on any roof type (slate, metal, tile, ceramic, etc.). Manufactured from .019 gauge aluminum, it is roll formed for superior strength and consistency.

• Channel accepts all types of gutter protection from screens to solid covers.
• Convenient 7-feet by 6-inch section installs easily and can even be shipped via UPS.
• Manufactured in the U.S.A.

KwikFlip: Avoid problem downspouts with this simple solution
Tired of battling hinges or assemblies made of plastic, painted steel, special pins, screws or rivets? Fed up with the unattractive plastic clips and Velcro used to hold downspouts up? The KwikFlip was created to eliminate all of that.

KwikFlip comes completely assembled and ready to install. Simply slip the elbow on the existing downspout and screw in place as you normally would. Next, slide the length of downspouts you need on the other end to disperse the water away from the building. Installation complete! It’s not just effective, but also inexpensive.

The elbow is manufactured with extended length so the downspout angles back towards the building when raised.

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