MetalTech-USA Introduces Strata Panels

MetalTech-USA, a distributor and manufacturer of architectural metal cladding systems, recently introduced Strata, a new surface texture developed as an attractive and economical option to enhance their line of architectural metal cladding products. Strata consists of breaks, or shallow striations, in the flat surface of the metal running longitudinally.


Strata adds a layer of visual dimension to a seemingly flat panel.

Strata adds a layer of visual dimension to a seemingly flat panel by playing with light and shadow. Dependent upon the direction of light, mixing panel orientation and ultimately striation direction can give the façade dynamic, aesthetic appeal.

The addition of this surface texture also provides rigidity for the panel allowing for thinner gauges to be used in conjunction with larger panel sizes, thus resulting in cost savings for the customer. Extra rigidity also eliminates the potential for oil canning, an aesthetic issue in thin gauge sheet metal applications.

Strata is suited to be applied to MetalTech-USA Standing Seam, Reveal and Flatlock Panel Systems. Strata can be used in façade and roofing applications, soffit, ceiling tiles and interior/exterior elements.



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