New computer tool for remodelers, by remodelers

More and more builders are turning to remodeling jobs to help them through the rough economy, and now H.I. Technologies LLC has launched a new software product to help. C.H.I.P, which stands for Complete Home Improvement Program, is not only an estimation program, but also a program for the entire exterior home improvement process.

Allen Thrush, the creator of C.H.I.P is also the President and CEO of Thrush & Son LLC, a 50-year-old home improvement company in Brookville, Ohio. Thrush first began experimenting with the program and developing it nearly six years ago as a way to improve the overall aspect of sales and installation, and to control his sales reps. “I understand the needs and concerns of contractors, having been an active CEO in the business for over 22 years and counting,” he said. “A contractor’s job is becoming more complex everyday and there is a need for a cost efficient product that will create time awareness and promote simplicity.”

C.H.I.P is a computer program that focuses on the complete process of exterior home improvements. It allows users to control all job costs from estimations to total invoicing, work order sheets, material order sheets and labor sheets. C.H.I.P also incorporates RRP record keeping, estimate status, as well as a simple way to control sales reps and certified contracted installers. Each page is tied into one another to create a quicker, easier, more meaningful way to do business and control sales.

C.H.I.P is available in two versions. There is a standalone version, which can be downloaded or installed directly and made specifically for one user. Then there is the corporate version. The corporate version is web based, yet once installed, C.H.I.P. is accessible on-line and off-line. With the corporate version you will receive server and system backup. There are four levels of pricing for the corporate plan: Silver (2-5 users; including administration), Gold (6-10 users), Platinum (11-25 users), and Diamond (26+ users).

For more information on this program go to You can also email Allen at, his son Corey at or call toll free 855.742.3216. A website is currently under development for the product and can be accessed at

Update: A video showing use of the C.H.I.P. software is available on YouTube.

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