Post-frame Canada: Perma-Column heads north

New to Canada and exclusive to Integrity Post Structures in Calgary, Perma-Column is offering its precast concrete columns north of the border.

"We are excited to offer the Canadian market this bold new product," says Al Williams, co-owner of Integrity Post Structures. The column that has been tested thoroughly and used for years in the U.S. will take post-frame construction to  a new level of longevity in Canada."

In a press release announcing the new alliance, Perma-Column says columns have been extensively tested by both Wisconsin and Purdue Universities. In comparative strength tests, the columns outperform the industry standard of wood columns, says Perma-Column. The columns use self-compacting concrete precasting technology to provide three times the strength of standard concrete. Microfibers add shock resistance and durability, enhanced by microsilicia for flexural/compressive strength and erosion resistance. A corrosion inhibitor protects the rebar reinforcement from rusting. A final admixture gives freeze/thaw protection.

According to Irvin Goodon, known in Canada as a post-frame pioneer, "I believe this technology will significantly extend the life of post-frame buildings in Canada, especially considering the weather extremes of our climate."

To read about another new Perma-Column partner, click here.

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