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By Don Geary, “Tool Talk”, Rural Builder magazine

When anchoring materials to concrete surfaces using drop-in anchors there were only two options: use the manual depth gauge found on most hammer drills and rotary hammers or, fasten a piece of tape on the shaft of the drill bit to indicate when the hole has been drilled to the desired depth. Based on personal experience and jobsite observations, I have learned that most concrete drilling operations do not utilize the depth guide and the tape depth indicator trick has many limitations. Enter the Bosch Tool Corporation with a unique and effective means for drilling holes in concrete to a predetermined depth – Bosch Depth Stop Bits.

Bosch drill bitsEvery Bosch Depth Stop Bit comes with a steel collar cast into the drill bit at a precise depth. Simply drill until the collar is flush with the concrete surface, then the correct depth has been reached. In short, no more guesswork as to the depth of a given hole in concrete.

These new carbide, SDS Plus concrete drilling bits are available in five sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to 5/8 inch and depths of from 13/16 inch to 2-1/16 inches. This size and depth range will cover 80 percent of all sizes of drop-in concrete anchors. Manufacturers suggested retail price starts at $23.99 and well worth the price if you are drilling a lot of anchor holes in concrete. For more information or to find a dealer go to www.boschtools.com.

It is probably safe to say that there is at least one spirit level on every jobsite. All trades use them and there are a variety of types and styles. The Insta-Level company in Salt Lake City, Utah has come out with a new version that can easily be used for a variety of leveling tasks.

Insta-LevelThe Insta-Level is basically a three-bubble spirit level mounted on a piece of high impact, angle ABS thermoplastic. This combination of levels and angled design offers a full 360 degrees vertical leveling for fence posts or cylinders as well as horizontal leveling tasks. The face of the Insta-Level also has a handy ruler.

Insta-Level comes in three sizes – one, two and three feet long and prices range from $19.95, $24.95 and $29.95 respectively. These levels come with a lifetime warranty and are available from Sears and Amazon. For more information or to order try: www.instalevel.com or 888-200-7001.

Paslode Fuel + Nail Combo Pack
Paslode is introducing a new Fuel + Nail Combo Pack with a twist-on adapter, allowing users of older generation Paslode cordless framing nailers to take advantage of the convenient combo pack concept.

Now all Paslode cordless framing nailers can achieve optimized performance with the PowerBoost Black Tip Coated Nails (3 inches and 3-1/4 inches), which are only available in the Fuel + Nail Combo Packs. The PowerBoost Black Tip Coating is a proprietary coating that allows Paslode cordless framing nailers to drive the nail flush into the hardest engineered lumber, such as LVL, something many pneumatic nailers cannot do.

Paslode Combo Set“Until now, the fuel cell’s adapter in the Fuel + Nail Combo Pack would work only with our new cordless framing nailer, the CF325,” said Steve Golich, Marketing Manager for Paslode. “But now we include a backward compatible adapter as well with each Fuel + Nail Combo Pack so that contractors using older versions of our tools can benefit from the convenience of the Fuel + Nail Combo Pack and the performance of the PowerBoost nail.”

For contractors using older versions of the Paslode cordless framing nailer, it is as easy as twisting off the CF325 adapter on the fuel cell and twisting on the adapter for older models of these nailers.

The new PowerBoost Black Tip Coating on these nails also translates into better performance at higher altitudes in parts of the U.S. where, typically, combustion-type framing nailers have had drive-ability issues due to the lack of oxygen. These nails finally allow remodelers and builders in high altitude markets to benefit from the freedom of cordless framing nailers without the hassle of hoses and compressors.

The new PowerBoost nails feature paper tape collation which reduces scrap and eliminates flying debris. Plus, they are full head nails that offer maximum holding power, helping professional contractors comply with building codes where a round head nail is specified.

Fuel + Nail Combo Packs come in two sizes and lengths: 1,000 nails with one Quicklode fuel cell and one adapter, or 3,000 nails with three Quickload fuel cells and three adapters. Prices start at around $29.

Fuel Powered Cordless Tools
A Paslode fuel powered cordless framing nailer coupled with the new framing nails with PowerBoost Black Tip Coating gives you the power of a pneumatic with the freedom of a cordless tool. And the facts speak for themselves, by using only cordless tools on the jobsite, you have a safer jobsite and you save time and money. Paslode has done the studies. Check out the Cost Saving Calculator on the Paslode website at www.paslode.com/calculators/CordlessCalculator.aspx, and see for yourself how you save time and money by using Paslode fuel powered cordless tools.

To learn more or to find a dealer, please visit www.paslode.com or call 1-800-222-6990.

M12 Jacket in Camouflage
Last fall I reviewed the Milwaukee M12 heated jacket and found it quite comfortable in cool weather. I have since worn this jacket under a nylon shell while hunting to disguise the bright red color. This fall Milwaukee will offer the M12 Heated Jacket in one of the most popular and versatile camouflage pattern, Realtree AP. This new addition to the M12 sub-compact battery system (there are currently over 30 tools in the system with more planned) is in response to user requests to expand the jacket line to include gear for activities off the jobsite like hunting and fishing.

M12 Jacket in camouflage“Compatible with the entire line of M12 professional power tools, users can easily utilize the same battery they have been using all day on the jobsite for a weekend of hunting or fishing with their M12 Realtree AP Heated Jacket,” says Mark Senske, Sr. Product Manager, M12 Cordless Tools for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. “Features such as a special fabric blend to reduce noise during movement, a concealed heat controller and a back tag patch to visibly display hunting licenses, demonstrate Milwaukee’s commitment to provide innovative products whether users are on or off the jobsite.”

Designed with best-in-class durability, the jacket will actively warm the body and stimulate blood circulation in even the coldest conditions. Hidden in a sleek back pocket, which can now expand to hold an XC battery, the M12 Red Lithium battery delivers superior runtime, with up to six hours of continuous heat on a single battery charge.

Providing unparalleled warmth and comfort, the new heated jacket utilizes three carbon fiber heating zones, positioned in key areas, to warm the user’s core. This durable heating element can be set to high, medium, or low with a simple touch of a button. While the red M12 Heated Jacket’s easy-touch heat controller is located on the lapel, the controller for the M12 Realtree AP Heated Jacket is concealed just inside the lapel so that the blinking light of the controller is not visible while the user is trying to blend in to their surroundings. The heated jacket is also water and wind resistant to provide comfort and durability in harsh environments.

Suggested retail price is $199 for jacket, one battery and charger or, $149 for the jacket alone. Available in the fall of 2011 where ever Milwaukee tools are sold. RB



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