Rigid Global Industries Executives Visit China Facilities

Rigid Global China JH moldRecently, top level executives visited the Rigid Global Industries operations is Shijiazhuang, (Hebei Province) China. The executives included Alex Ghodsi (CMO, Chairman of the Board), Bowen Lo (COO), Steve Olson (Exec. VP) and Carrie Miller (PR& Marketing Mgr).

The primary focus of the trip was to meet with executives at the company’s China operations for strategic planning sessions, tour the steel fabrication plant facility along with plant tours of associated companies. Those associated companies included tool and die/stamping operations as well as pharmaceutical accessories manufacturing.

All executives of Rigid Global commented on the innovativeness and unwavering Rigid Global China Pharmaceuticaldedication to the success of each of the operations by its directors and employees. In addition to the steel fabrication plant and associated companies tours, jobsite visits of completed projects along with some projects under construction were part of the agenda.

The highlight of the jobsite visits was the single family home development in a land of high rise construction. This unique project features a private villa development of 500 homes complete with a winding lazy river and several large square footage community and recreation centers located throughout the development.

The trip was not all business for the executives as they concluded the trip with visits to the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and notable Olympic venues from the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

As Rigid Global Industries continues to expand and grow into the international market, more visits to China and other international destinations are in the foreseeable future.

Rigid Global Industries is a cohesive group of business units specializing in pre-engineered metal buildings, metal building components, structural steel, bridges, real estate, and services including; engineering, drafting and detailing. For detailed information about Rigid Global Industries please visit their website at www.rigidbuilding.com or contact them at 888-GO-RIGID.

Source: Rigid Global Industries

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