S-5! Announces Latest Breakthrough in PV Mounting Technology

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — S-5! ®, the worldwide leader in metal roofing attachment solutions, has just made cutting-edge revisions to the industry standards for attaching solar panels using the S-5-PV Kit.

s-5 PV KitS-5! is one of the first companies to receive the new UL-2703 approval. This is a brand new standard that covers both bonding AND mounting. Furthermore, the PV Kit has gained an ETL Listing to UL 1703. UL and ETL listings are widely recognized by most Authorities Having Jurisdiction, which means fewer inspection hassles for installers.

The new stainless steel mounting disk is designed to ensure conductivity with anodized aluminum module frames. Because of this, the new PV Kit will further reduce installation costs. The new disk provides module-to-module electrical continuity (called “bonding” within the industry). Previously this was accomplished by connecting modules with ground lugs and copper wire; this connection detail represents installed electrical costs of $6-$12 per unit. With the new PV Kit, the module is simply anchored with the PV Kit and is automatically bonded. No lugs or wires are required from module-to-module, wires or lugs will still be needed to bond strings together and to ground the system. In most cases, the savings pays for the entire S-5 clamp/PV Kit setup. Additionally, the PV Kit being made of stainless steel withstands weathering and facilitates use with brass clamps.

As always, S-5! is continually seeking to improve its products, remaining on the front line of attachment solutions. You can review the full S-5! product line by visiting their website at www.S-5.com.



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