Samco Machinery Offers High-Performance Auto Adjust Panel Line

Samco Machinery has introduced an “on-the-fly” auto adjust panel line with stiffening ribs.

WEB-Samo-Machinery-Auto_Adjust_Line1This is a continuous and high performance roll forming line with a blank feeding operation. The line can run variable speeds from 0 up to maximum 200 feet per minute via variable frequency drive. Top speed is based on the product having 29-gauge (0.014 inches) in pieces four feet in length or longer.

Key features include:WEB-Samo-Machinery-Auto_Adjust_Line3

  • Powered roller conveyor with automated guide adjustment; working range from 18 thru 34 inches and incorporates slight conveyor angle
  • Edge trimmer solution with 2 trimmer blades and 2 scrap choppers to collect the scrap
  • Entry guide designed to fit pre-cut blank and automatic entry guide to the roll former. Adjustable material guides automatically to cut up to a 52-inch strip width.
  • Heavy duty steel fabricated inboard and outboard stands and alloyed steel shafts, hardened & ground for longevity. Gear boxes at every station drive of the roll former.
  • Duplex mill Includes jog/reserve remote pendant for the roll former and includes variable speed direct torque drive system.

WEB-Samo-Machinery-Auto_Adjust_Line2A short video of this machine is available on YouTube at:

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