Sand Creek goes ‘greener’ with upgraded insulation

As society continues to “Go Green,” more and more Sand Creek Post & Beam customers alike demand greener products and materials for their barn kits. Sand Creek has delivered the answer by upgrading to more energy efficient, less-pollutant, recyclable insulation packages for all barn kit, shed, outbuilding, and barn home ready structures. 

The insulation is manufactured by AFM Corporation – a group of manufacturing plants located throughout the U.S. For over 30 years, the company has been manufacturing and marketing the quality brands of Foam-Control EPS insulation and R-Control SIPs (structural insulated panels) systems. These products are used in a variety of construction applications where optimum energy efficiency and durability are a requirement.

Sand Creek has selected Foam-Control insulation and R-Control SIP systems as the new insulation package for all barn kits to be produced. Foam-Control comes in either a Nailbase or Nailstrip configuration for roofs and exterior walls providing a high R-value (thermal resistance), air sealing and ease of installation. If a full structural exterior is desired, R-Control SIPs can be installed over the frame to achieve high insulation and air sealing values while meeting the structural demands of earthquake and hurricane areas.
Foam-Control EPS has also earned an ENERGY STAR rating because it is able to prevent greenhouse gas emissions. It has never contained CFC, HCFC, or HFC materials.

Because wood is a “living, breathing” material mold, fungi/mildew, and termite protection can be a concern. FrameGuard Coated is offered as an organic fungicide and borate compound that can pre-treat the insulation package. The organic compounds remain close to the surface to inhibit mold growth while borate penetrates the wood to protect against fungi/mildew and termites. Especially in structures housing animals, proper ventilation and airflow are essential to hinder growth of these impurities.

Sand Creek Post & Beam has manufactured nearly 350 wood barn kits located all throughout the U.S. and parts of Canada.  To learn more about Foam-Control insulation and R-Control SIPs contact a SCPB representative: 116 West 1st Street, Wayne, NE 68787, phone: 888-489-1680, email: or visit

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