Steelscape introduced LEED guide

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a holistic green building rating program. Introduced in 2000 by the US Green Building Council, LEED has transformed the green building market.

Steelscape logoSteelscape, Inc. is a strong supporter of LEED and its goal of sustainable construction.  As such, Steelscape has developed a LEED Guide to assist customers in understanding the various LEED rating systems and how they influence the construction industry.  The Steelscape LEED Guide provides basic information on the categories within each LEED rating tool, the various credits, how points are awarded, and where Steelscape’s products may be used to help buildings meet LEED requirements.

To learn more about Steelscape’s LEED Guide, please contact Renee Ramey, Steelscape’s Marketing Manager, at

Steelscape, Inc. makes metallic coated and painted steel sheet at its facilities in Kalama, Wash., Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and Fairfield, Ala.  The company’s products are primarily used in the construction industry.

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