Swenson Shear Launches the Trailer Option

Swenson Shear, a leader in the metal roofing industry, recently released a Trailer option for the Snap Table Collection. Highlights include:

  • The SnapTable trailer is designed as a utility trailer for a multitude of applications.
  • The trailer fits both the SnapTable HD and SnapTable PRO.
  • The SnapTable is removable to be used as a utility trailer.
  • The SnapTable Trailer weighs 2200lbs and is 19 feet long, 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

Swenson Shear Launches the Trailer Option.

“Swenson Shear has spent the last year revamping all product lines in order to continue to provide the highest quality metal panel preparation for concealed fastener panels. In the process of doing so, a trailer option to ease transportation to and from the jobsite has always been a question we received from our contractors; we have now answered that question by offering a trailer option,” says Jonathan Dravecky, CEO, Swenson Shear.

For More information please call 1-877-588-8748 or visit www.swensonshear.com

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