Therm-All celebrates 30th anniversary

Therm-All Insulation, a leading insulation manufacturer in the U.S., celebrates its 30th anniversary of providing contractors, builders, architects, erectors and end-users with high quality insulation products and services.
Therm-All was founded in Cleveland by president Bob Smigel and vice president Dennis Kaczmarek in 1981. The company initially struggled to survive during the recession of the early 1980s, but increased production with a large insulation order in 1982. Since then, Therm-All has acquired nine locations throughout the country and boasts approximately 100 employees. Operating plants include Lancaster, Pa.; Kennesaw, Ga.; Columbus, Wis.; Dallas; Phoenix; Stockton, Calif.; and Kent and Spokane, WA.  
"We are delighted to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year," says Smigel. "It is with the continued support and loyalty of our customers and colleagues that we have experienced such longstanding success. We are grateful for our first customer’s order, and we are thankful for our newest customer’s business. We look forward to 30 more.” 
Therm-All plans to further its green building initiatives, and maintain its stance as an industry leader by offering the latest in insulation innovation while continuing to provide its customers with the same high-performance products it has offered for 30 years. “Our standard Owens Corning metal building insulation will forever be our focal product,” said Smigel. “There will always be a demand for quality metal building insulation, and we will continue to meet this demand.” 
Also in Therm-All’s future? Social media. According to Smigel, the company aims to strengthen its networking efforts and further connect with customers and industry friends via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. “We recognize that the way we do business is evolving, and as a leader in the industry it’s important for us to progress with the times. We have found new outlets successful for communicating with customers, and we look forward to furthering networking opportunities and fostering new relationships through social media.”          
About Therm-All, Inc.
Therm-All, Inc. was founded in Cleveland, OH by Bob Smigel in 1981. With the belief of treating customers like friends and hiring the best people, Therm-All has become one of the largest metal building insulation laminators in the U.S. Offering more products and services than ever before, Therm-All is an industry professional’s one-stop shop for metal building insulation products, services and systems, in addition to windows and interior and exterior doors for most building types. Visit

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