Safe-Way Door Announces New Colors for Ambient and Regency Series Doors

Safe-Way’s Ambient and Regency Series of garage doors are now available in grey or black.

Safe-Way Ambient Model 85“We have observed grey increasingly in the color pallet as a trend in building design over the last few years, and as the need for a grey color option in garage doors has begun to surface, we have responded,” says Sonny Nemitz, general manager of Safe-Way Door. “Our customers who choose greys in their exterior design palette now have an option to use their garage door as an integral part of the look.”

Black is also a popular option.

“Adding black to the color palette of both the Ambient and Regency Series doors will allow many more consumers to enjoy a custom look in their garage doors that before was simply not available from a factory finish,” said Billy Thompson, vice president of sales.

Safe-Way garage door

Safe-Way Door’s Ambient Series of doors is one of their newer door offerings, having been launched in the fall of 2016.

The Ambient Series features the very high R-Value of 17.68 for superior thermal performance and optimal longevity.

“A wide choice of traditional colors has been offered in the past for both doors, and in the last several months we have been launching the not-so traditional, but in-demand colors of black and now grey” says Sales VP, Billy Thompson.

The Regency Series of Garage doors combine the strength of steel and the beauty of wood-like design. Sandwiched between steel skins is 2” of expanded polystyrene that give an R-value of 10.25, the Regency is a very popular door model used across climate sectors in both the north and the southern regions for both residential and commercial applications.

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