The Top Eproducts for Roofing, 2013

Throughout the year, Metal Roofing Magazine Product e-Guides have featured quality products from the industry’s top manufacturers. Looking back over the products from 2013, we asked our online readers to help us decide the best of the best.

 Liquid Rubber

The only liquid EPDM rubber in the world. Fix roof leaks right the first time and get a new roof for a fraction of the cost. Made in the U.S.A with over a 25 year history. Outperforms elastomerics, acrylics 4X longer. Proven to extend a roof¹s life another 18-20 years. This one coat application saves you time and money. The result is a seamless membrane that waterproofs immediately upon application.

MFM – Peel and Seal

Self-Stick Low Slope Roofing Solution 
Peel & Seal is the original, patented, self-adhering waterproofing membrane designed for low slope roofing and flashing applications. This single-ply membrane applies directly to the roof deck – no tar, torches, mopes, glues or fasteners required. Excellent for specialized flashing applications such as chimneys, vents, ducts, skylights and other irregular features. Can be left exposed to sunlight indefinitely. 10-year limited warranty.

TSCM TurboShear

The Malco TSCM TurboShear Attachment fits a cordless drill you already own to make easy cross cuts, fast lengthwise cuts, even circular and square cuts in large or small pattern corrugations and most trapezoidal (box) pattern metal roofing. Elongated blades with compact jaws are offset 75-degrees! As blades follow a rising profile, the drill battery pack can tip downward and still clear the roofing panel surface.

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