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KP Persaud spent 30 years working at major companies. Now, he takes his years of experience to coach business owners and executives to improve their ability to increase profitability, boost efficiency, manage employees, and get more done. You can find out more about KP at his website:

Bring in More Business with These 5 Tips

Most construction businesses don’t do much in the way of sales and marketing. If you own a construction business, that should be exciting news. It means there are all kinds of opportunities to reel in customers that your competition is neglecting.

Top 5 Reasons Why Post-Frame Businesses Fail

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many post-frame businesses, as well as businesses in similar industries. In the process, I’ve observed problems that many of these businesses share in common. If not properly addressed, these problems can lead to failure. When I say “failure,” I’m referring to several possible scenarios....